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Dr Shehu Abdulrahman

In this era of information and communications technology, we find ourselves invariably being shaped not only by the quantum of information within our reach but more by the rapidity with which we can actually access same. The information superhighway has simplified the art and science of information exchange beyond ordinary imagination so much so that an attempt to ignore its dominance in our everyday life could prove worse than a descent into the Stone Age. As the statutory vocal cords of all doctors licensed to practice in Kaduna State and a critical link between the medical community and the general public, the Nigerian Medical Association, Kaduna State branch recognizes the inalienable place of the internet in 21st century medical practice and this is the springboard for the launch of this website. Realizing that health is a collective enterprise in which doctors serve only as torchbearers, we pledge, as always, to live up to our God ordained role of guardian angels over individual and public health. We value greatly our interaction with members as well as our client base and our greatest goal is to use this site to bolster this interface. As you surf through the pages, we hope we came close enough to our desired en result. Welcome!

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